Police Officer Goes To Ballet Class And Dances With His Daughter

A police officer taking time to attend dance class with his daughter and doing his squats at the barre’ perfectly in sync with the instructor will  make us laugh!The adorable video shows the little girl is so happy to have the ballet class with his dad as she jumped up and down clapping for the dad!

It was “bring dad to dance” night at her school and everyone else’s dad was there in time except Tessa’s dad.Her dad is a police officer and he has his night duty assigned for the day! So the chance of him showing up for the dance looks slim and the little girl was worried thinking about her dad’s presence for the very event!

However the loving dad, Officer Cody Brown showed up just in time for her daughter’s call. He didn’t have time to take off his uniform or removed his gear, just in case of emergency he was ready to go! Till such time, he is attending his “daddy duty” in a perfect way!Standing next to his little one, he has followed the instructions of the dance teacher.

Her mother was happy to fetch this memorable moments and the internet is celebrating this adorable ballet session!