No One Showed Up For Fixing Elderly Woman’s Roof, So A Police Officer Stepped In

“This is definitely going above and beyond the call of duty”!A police officer from Olathe Police department is praised for serving his community in the most sweetest way! This kindhearted cop has grabbed the attention of millions when he was moved in compassion to fix a hole on a roof at an elderly women’s house!

On Feb 18, one fine Sunday the local police department received a call from a woman who had a hole in her roof and was concerned about the predicted ice storms. When she was unable to find any professional to patch up the hole, she ended up dialing to the cops. When the officers too couldn’t find anyone to help support her, Sgt Wessling stepped in to help her immediately!

Sgt Brian Wessling ran to his home and grabs the necessary tools and some new shingles before he reaches to her home. He was able to fix the roof in no time at all and was happy to erase her worries!

The department has captured Wessling standing on a ladder in full uniform fixing the roofs for an elderly lady! They have made available this kind gesture of love in internet for all of us to see. Surely his kindness and compassion for the needy public deserves many more accolades and will reach to many more by sharing the same!