Police Officer Spots Homeless Amputee Struggling With His Broken Wheelchair, Buys Him A New One

Miami Police Department’s Homeless Outreach team is becoming a paragon by going above and beyond the assigned duty. As part of their daily duty the officers starts their day talking with the people in streets to simply check on their welfare and  offer assistance and shelter to these less fortunate crowd!

Last week a officer named Anna Lazcano who is a member from this outreach team was making her round near Camillus House of Northwest Seventh Avenue and flagged down to help a homeless amputee who was struggling with his old wheelchair to move around. This officer was kind enough to notice that broken wheel chair which was hard to use as it wasn’t opening properly and she bought a new one helping this poor man.

The homeless man, Alvarez was emigrated from Cuba to Miami and worked as a roofer until he quit the job because of health reasons and the Medicare couldn’t cover all of their bills and his landlord evicted them ending up living on the streets!

“Regardless of where they are from, where they ended up and what the’re doing with their life, it’s just helping the community”! This police officer is very clear about her mission and proud enough to declare it for all others to follow it!

Verse of the Day

For the LORD is righteous, he loves justice; the upright will see his face. — Psalm 11:7 (NIV)


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