Kind Police Officer Stops To Help Girl Whose Bike Chain Broke

A kind hearted police officer helps a girl whose bike chain had broken by extending an extra ordinary service. A man who has witnessed this great act of kindness was moved to capture this unlikely event which was occurred in front of his house. He was glad to share this refreshing behavior from a police officer for all of us to feel safe and secure!

John Taimanglo was sitting at his in Absecon, New Jersey USA on March 20, when he spotted the girl struggling to fix her broken bicycle. Before even he could do anything to help the girl, a member of the local police force pulled alongside the girl. And the officer spent a couple of minutes extending his special service for this helpless girl!

The heartwarming video shows the police officer is replacing the cycle chain like an expert mechanic. After fixing the chain, he lifted the cycle into the boot of his car and offered the girl a ride home in his safe police vehicle.

You are watching a complete package of public safety!