Hero Cop Holds Onto Van Dangling Off Bridge Until Man Inside Is Saved!

This motorway officer was diligently doing his duty but received a ton of praises and a nickname -“Superman”. After Martin Willis’s heroic stunt on Friday morning saving a man’s life along with his van from going into the pit , this Hero Cop becomes a Superman! [Watch video below]

Martin was the first cop to arrive on the scene of a traffic collision in West Yorkshire, England where he found that a van had crashed into the safety railing and was left teetering over the side of a bridge with the wounded driver still inside! As the vehicle swayed dangerously in the wind, this cop grabbed onto the underside of the car and held it steady until West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue arrived!


If he wouldn’t have been on the scene, the drop off of the bridge might have been fatal ..Truly this cop is the hero of the day!

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