Police Officer Meets With New Born Who He Saved By Donating His Liver!

This Cop’s serving kindness went well above the expectations of all! Steven Tenney , a Police officer decided to donate a part of his liver to a new born child whom he never met before is an example of “extraordinary love”!

The baby was born with jaundice and just after 2 months she was brought into the hospital with distinctive stomach pain and was diagnosed with a stage 4 liver failure called Biliary atresia !!At the verge of losing all the hope of getting a matching liver for their new born baby, this unknown savior named Steven Tenney came forward giving hope and life to the parents and their child!On Sep 8th , Lt, Steven Tenney of the Keane , NH Police Department laid in his hospital bed without any hesitation to help save a precious life! Now the healthy 7 months old baby and her savior is meeting up for the first timeā€¦I feel so happy for this man and child!

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