Kind Police Officer Plays Piano For 93-Year-Old Man Whose Home Was Burglarized

A police officer went above the call of duty when he spotted a piano in an elderly victim’s home and he went ahead playing that favorite song for this elderly man and made him feel honored!

Officer Craig Bull of the Mansfield Police in the UK and his team went to visit a 93 year old man’s Mansfield home after a recent burglary at his house. Bull and his partners were at the home and noticed a piano with music open to Chopin piece that was favorite of his own grandmother and when he said he could play piano, the old man invited him to play the same song which was even his own favorite! So in no time they ended up putting on a concert and the beautiful video shows the elderly man is enjoying the piano with Bull!

The old man was so happy to open up with this friendly police officer and shared stories about himself being pilot in the war and how he lost his wife on Christmas Eve a few years ago and he was really pleased to have them to check in on him to see that he was ok.

Truly, Love is kind and it endures forever!