Police Officers Form A ‘Cuddle Watch’ For Their Colleague’s “Miracle” Baby

“Love Never Fails..Above all put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity”. A collective love and supports from a group of caring colleagues made the life easy for a suffering family”. These loving cops comforts their colleagues premature baby, keeping watch over him at the NICU  becomes a unique passion!

Adam and Melissa had their baby prematurely born at just 29 weeks old in August at the Children’s Hospital at Colorado. The little had to undergo dozens of surgeries and treatments in order to keep him alive with a long stay in NICU.Even though the parents wished to stay back with baby Axel, they were required to return to their work which put them into a panic situation.

Melissa is an officer at the Aurora Police department in Colorado and Adam used to be a policeman at the station as well. So when the other officers heard about their heartbreaking situation, they knew what they have to do! A team of 20 police officers formed a “Cuddle Watch” at the NICU for little Axel whenever his parents were away! Now the baby is discharged from the hospital and sent home with his parents!

Such a great love deserving a great salute to this ideal Police Service!

The Cuddle Watch

Axel's parents stayed by his side in the NICU for months after he was born, but they eventually had to go back to work. Aurora Police didn't want him to be alone, so they formed the "cuddle watch."

Posted by 9NEWS (KUSA) on Tuesday, 28 November 2017