This Bullied Teen Wanted To End His Life Until God Sent Two Police Officers

Denver Police officers Monique Sedberry and Alicia Martinez went above and beyond to their duty call to change a bullied teen’s life!  Visually impaired 15-year-old boy,Victor Jiron is now the best friends of these officers and their beautiful friendship has a lot to share with us.

The story begins on last year when somebody poured hot glue on Victor’s arm and the teen who was used to being bullied got so upset and decided to end his life.

“This was one of the tougher calls for us,” said Monique. “His teacher had called 911, saying that he was being bullied and he wanted to end his life.”

When the officers responded to the call, they were moved by the teen’s story and Monique said..”He got to my heart. He really got to me,”. They took him to the hospital and promised him that they will do everything they could do to make sure he has some good friends. And in short time they become his best friends and valued him like their own brother! Today they talk all the time and accompany him to karate classes and other events to make it strong!

Having such great friends in life, Victor is doing so well in his studies and his new schoolmates are really good! After the corneal transplant, his eye sight is also improved and his police friends are always there to guide their younger brother!

I feel so happy for them and wish their loving story to have many more episodes!

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