Body Cam Captures Two Officers Saving A 2-Month-Old Girl From Choking

Heartwarming video footage shows that a group of police officers are saving a chocking 2 month old baby girl from a disabled car!

This Tuesday morning, Police officers Ryan Sidders and Alex Oklander from the Shaker Heights Police Department approached what they believed to be a disabled car in the middle of the road. Soon after they could realize that the lady driver was in distress with a baby on the board, he was quick to pull out the baby out from her car seat.

“She’s chocking”, holding the baby on his hand, Officer Alex says it loudly and together they have hold the baby face down to help her to breathe again. Keeping the baby’s face down at an angle, they did pat on the back until the baby spits out the milk she was choking on.

The panic mother can be seen standing near the officers and they have handed over the baby  to her saying “ Okay, she’s breathing”!

It was all captured on camera and the footage is posted on Facebook by Shaker Heights Police Department for all of us to see and appreciate their courteous kindness!

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