Adorable Puppy Born With Deformed Face Defies All Odds

Surviving against all odds, a miracle puppy is gaining praises from millions for her strong desire to live. Sasha, a Pit Bull puppy born with a cleft lip and palate has defied all the odds in her life and now living a victorious life in a lovely home in Westchester County at New York.

Sasha was born with face deformities and due to her cleft lip and palate she was not even able to have normal feeding and had to depend on tube feeding to survive its tiny life! Litter’s owner called SNARR Animal Northeast, a center for animals with special needs in New York has helped this unfortunate pup in her wits end. They have arranged a special nurse named Marie DemMarco to help with tube feeding the small puppy!

In a small span of time this little puppy had to undergo various life saving surgeries due to a rare medical condition called hydrocephalus! Her brain was about a third of its natural size and resulted in various brain disorders. She faced difficulty in walking and breathing and has developed even urinary tract infection in her body. On top of all these ailments she suffered four consecutive seizures in one day and had to rush to the emergency!

Despite all these challenges in life, she refused to quit but bravely pushed through all these difficulties and managed to get another chance of life! Now her foster owner DeMarco calls Sasha a “miracle” and she is truly a living miracle!

This little puppy has endured so much in her short and fragile life and witnessing her will power will give us so much confidence and strength to overcome various struggles life throws on us!

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