9-Year-Old Quadruple Amputee Runs For The First Time With The Help Of Prosthetics

The video released by the Prosthetics in Motion shows a 9-year-old quadruple amputee, Moshe runs for the very first time with the help of prosthetics.

Little Moshe had a rare and similar condition like the famous quad rugby player Bob Lujano. Moshe was diagnosed with a rare strain of meningitis at the age of six months. Medical experts tried all the possible treatments to bring him back to a normal life. But they couldn’t find a solution. Finally they amputated all four limbs of the boy. However his loving parents, Nachum Sasonkin and Dina didn’t let their younger son live an immobilized life. By the age of 6, Moshe was able to walk with the help of medical support and a pair of prostheses. And this is the precious moment Moshe racing down a wood-floored hall in the business’ office.

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