Sick Baby Cow Rejected By Herd Becomes A Dog

A baby cow was rejected by his brethren after being ill at birth. But some dogs took over the duties of a mother and their love and acceptance gave him a new life in a touching way!

Baby James, a Scottish Highland cow at a farm in Yancey County was born in horrible rainy weather on the side of a North Carolina mountain. From the birth he had health problems and his owners thought he might have been deprived of oxygen.

So a husband and wife – Adam and Emily Hopson of Burnsville brought James to their farm “Happy Hens & Highland Farm”. They care for him around the clock and was raised him with their family dogs. Baby James made friends with the dogs as he slept in their beds and cuddles with them on the couch as his own family!

“Baby James didn’t get his mother’s colostrum so his immune system has been very weak, He was unable to suck so he was fed through a tube for quite a while and he battled scours and coccidia.” Emily said!

Having such “parental care from the dogs” within a month baby cow learned to take milk from bottle and started responding normally.However he still had many more health issues, and an infection meant Baby James needed surgery!The critical surgery which took almost 2 -5 hour was successful to sustain his life. Finally with the regular treatment his infection cleared up and now the baby is able to live a happy life!

Seeing such uncommon love and caring from animal like dog and cow will fill our heats in love! I am so happy for the baby cow and for the loving dogs in adopting him in their fold!I am sure their love and acceptance was the real source of energy for the cow to face his challenges in life!Emily has confirmed it by saying the same!

“Our dogs adopted James and took over the duties of a mother, loving and cleaning him. Their love and acceptance gave him a will to live,”!