These Women Have Dedicated Their Lives To Provide ‘Retirement Homes’ For Elderly Dogs

These women have dedicated their life for a good cause and their loving-kindness is highlighted with all its deserved regards! At the House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary in Gaithersburg, Maryland, nearly two dozen dogs are spending their golden years in a loving home.

Sher Polvinale , Director of House With A Heart and her team is happy in assisting the dogs which are retired due to various medical conditions. These elderly dogs have only little chance to get adopted and due to the aging they are left unaided in the society!

Watching them caring and nursing these dogs like a “loving mother” is so heartwarming to go through. These animals deserve this “Retirement Homes” and extending any amount of time and resources for these poor creatures will be a true blessing! I an sure you too will be moved in compassion!