Adorable Dog Becomes The Ring Bearer At The Wedding

One need to be very particular about each and every detail while planning a wedding ceremony! Each task of the ceremony is well planned and is carefully chosen by the family! The task of ring bearer and flower girl are generally entertained by the young relatives or close friends of the couple. However the exceptions are always welcomed when the same is there to bring joy and excitement for the participants!

The adorable video shows an exceptional wedding ceremony adorned by a smart dog. When this couple wants to make their big day a little more special, they have opted to bring in a furred candidate as their ring bearer. Their fluffy golden retriever was trained to do this special task and he trots down the aisle with a ring basket in his mouth. The pup was happy and excited to hand over the rings to his mom and dad with much care and determination! Decked out in glitter, the pup walked the aisle fulfilling his assigned duty so perfectly! Nothing on the way distracted its mission and his adorable presentation and presence was good enough to cheer up the crowd!

Watch and enjoy the beautiful way the dog is doing a stellar job!

Dog carries rings to the altar

Their dog carried their rings to the altar and my heart can't handle it

Posted by VT on Saturday, May 26, 2018

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