Dance Group’s Incredible Manchester Tribute Leaves Everyone In Tears

Britain’s Got Talent Audition stage is blessed with variety of talented performance and today we have a unique team that made everyone in tears with their incredible Manchester tribute. Hollie Booth and her friends dance to give tribute for the lost souls in Manchester attack and their powerful dance performance was awe inspiring!

Young girl, Hollie Booth is a great dancer and dance is her passion in life. But the Manchester attack left her with major injuries in legs and she had even gone through major surgeries to get it fixed. After sustaining emotional and physical injuries in the attack that took the life of her aunt and left her with broken legs, she still dances with the same passion and power, showing nothing can possibly distract our positive enthusiasm!

The touching video shows Hollie and her friends dancing in the Britain’s Got Talent audition program in a stunning style. Their unity and enthusiasm which turns the negative circumstance in to a positive performance inspires the judges and the audience.

Their incredible performance was indeed a great tribute for the mourning nation! They really could win the hearts of audience with their heartwarming performance and their touching tribute was good enough to get them into the next stage!