Loving Rooster Runs To School Bus To Greet Girl Every Single Day

Very fascinating to see this uncommon love! A loving pet rooster runs to greet the girl as soon as he hears the sound of her school bus comes home to drop her !

Frog Rooster eagerly waits outside to hear for Savannah’s school bus to come from school and every day without fail this rooster run to get into the end of the driveway to greet his beloved owner Savannah! Such a pure love to witness and seeing this little creature with its little legs running so quickly to get into the hands of her loving friend will fill move your hearts in love!

The adorable video shows the Rooster darting to get into the end of the driveway where the school bus stops and she scoops him into her arms and he coos as she cuddle and pets him! And he does it daily and enjoy each bits of it! Savannah mother captured this special kind of bonding to cherish with all of us!