Santa Goes Extra Mile To Make A Memorable Christmas For Boy With Autism!

Erin Deely and her 6 year old son Brayden had their best and memorable Christmas celebrations this year! After learning their son, Brayden, had autism, Erin Deely and her husband abandoned the dream of getting a traditional Christmas celebrations and Christmas snapshots of the boy with Santa!  Because sitting on Santa’s lap with the fancy dresses and posing for the photos in the crowded mall is too much and overwhelming situations for special kids like Brayden!

But thanks to “Caring Santa Program” organized by the group -Autism Speaks- who made fantastic arrangements to cater these special kids in the malls providing a controlled and calm environment.Now without any sensory challenges, meeting Santa can become a stress free experience for families and a way of excitement for these kids.This specially trained Caring Santa program has locations in malls at 120 cities!

I am so happy to watch our boy Brayden is finally meeting his Santa at the mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. Without any words they are bonded in love and the Santa is on his belly on the floor with the little making tons of fun!

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