Girl Sends Stepdad On Scavenger Hunt And He Finds Her Adoption Papers

A loving step-daughter creates an elaborate scavenger hunt for clues that lead her step-dad to surprise adoption papers. She made him travel many destinations with surprising clues until he reaches the final destination where she unwrapped the most touching request “Will You Be My Dad”!

Lacee planned up this idea as a way of surprising and thanking her step-dad, Jason Jusino on his 35th birthday!  The surprise hunt begins at the family’s home in Fort Walton Beach at Florida. Jason was given a set of coordinates to enter in to the GPS and the girl guided him with directions to reach the remaining destinations successfully!

When he received his first envelope containing a single word, which he was not allowed opening it until the end. After visiting some of their favorite places and unearthing some more clues, the family finally sits down for food. The fifth and the final envelope which contain the last word of the sentence were there with the hotel waitress and she gave it to him.

At last she asked him to open the envelopes one by one which spelled together that wonderful request “Will you be my dad”. At that precise moment Lacee hands Jason the official documents showing her application to be adopted by him and legally change her last name to him.

The loving dad was moved in compassion to hug his precious daughter with a heartwarming acceptance! And his sincere tears were good enough to fill her eyes and hearts in love and joy!