Incredible Move Of A School Boy With Cerebral Palsy Scores An 80-Yard Touchdown!

This was an incredible move, scoring 80 yard touchdown by a high school player with cerebral palsy!

Atlee High School senior student Sepp Shirey is a dedicated member of the school’s football team who has a cerebral palsy, a kind of spastic paralysis, which limits his ability to walk and needs crutches to help. But Friday his coach Matt Gray putts Sepp in the game and alerted the referees that Sepp was taking the field and they relayed it to the opposing team’s coach Stu Brown!

Watching this race you are witnessing the toughest 80-yard run which got completed by this inspired boy with a ball in his hands instead of crutches! More victories are ahead of you Sepp! Congratulations!

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