Secret Santa Surprises 33-Year-Old Dad Battling ALS With $10,000!

The best and the right way to spread the Christmas spirit is….sharing with the needy! A secret Santa is in a mission called “elves” will be delivering surprises to many in our community who deserves it at the most! Mr Rees household was  bit fortunate to receive this happy surprise of $10,000 at the midst of their trial time! The couple from Idaho with four children got this anonymous donation and broke in tears with a great gratitude and surprise!

In 2014 at the age of 29, Wyatt started to lose feeling in one of his arms and eventually diagnosed with ALS the day before his 33rd birthday .A deadly decease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord making one pathetically helpless. Now he can no longer walk, talk, stand, eat or swallow , and this young man is utterly confined to the wheelchair to live the rest of his life!!

He was a high school football player and was a popular LDS seminary teacher in Bonneville Joint School District 93. He and his wife Mindy are the parents of four children- ages 7,5,2,and 4 months and are now living their life with the little savings they had!Their close friend told about Rees family for the Secret Santa’s project and elves reach them with their “surprise from secret Santa”! We pray and wish you a miracle recovery from God!