See How Pigeons Saved This Man From A Life On The Streets

He was in “love at first sight” with the pigeons and in turn the pigeons have saved his life from bad life style!

Dave Malone was happy to see that flock of pigeons take flight and he knew that he was in love with those innocent birds! He still recalls the way he was growing up in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn ,surrounded with crimes, drug deals and the terrible sound of gun shots…As a 10 year old, New York City resident, Malone was favored by God to stay away from any of such dangerous experiences and he is greatly thankful for his loving birds!Instead of indulging in any of the bad habits or getting troubles with his friends, he choose to spend every day, from morning till night on the neighborhood rooftops hanging out with the lovely pigeons!

Even today, after 40 years, the beloved birds are still keeping him secure in their pure love! Literally he could manage to stay away from all such crimes by spending time with these pigeons! Thank God for opening his eyes to see such magnificent beauty and keeping him under the shelter of your provision!