Service Dog Has Adorable Reaction To Seeing His Favorite Toy Alive At Disney World

This young man wanted to give some extraordinary reward to his service dog and what he does was the best surprise for this dog when he sees the living version of his Pluto toy at Disney World in Florida. Atlas a golden retriever dog with a stuffed Pluto toy, which is his favorite toy at home, was fortunate to visit the amusement park with his owner Julain Gavino and meet the giant sized version of his real toy at Magic Kingdom!

For Gavino who is in wheel chair, Atlas is a faithful and loving friend and an integral part of his life! The dog helps Gavino to live independently as he has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3 and this 22 year old man is greatly supported by Atlas. Infact he has come to rely on Atlas training as a service animal to help make his day to get dressed, undressed, open and close drawers and doors and pulls his wheelchair and retrieves items for him and this priceless service list goes on!

It was too much necessary for Gavino to appreciate his hard work and to give the well deserved joy to his dog who’s added so much to his life. So over the weekend they headed to meet the real life Pluto for Atlas!The video shows the highly excited dog wagging its tail and sniffing the nose of Pluto and was more than happy to meet his best pal look like, his “hero” alive!

This uncommon meeting is making many hearts to fall in love and going viral with its cuteness!

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