Teen Left Baby At Hospital In A Shoebox, Reunites With The Nurse Who Help Saved His Life After 14 Years

A former teen mom and her son join “The Doctors” to discuss about the life changing decision she could take at her wits end by the help of a caring nurse. Cherish Coats, now a 29 year old mother of three living in Arizona and Jeannie Joseph, a neonatal nurse at Swedish American Hospital in Rockford were invited to the nationally syndicated daytime talk show in November, after their story was featured in the Tribune! Her son Allen, once the tiny infant arrived at the hospital wrapped in a dish towel was also invited to be in the show! Their touching and happy reunion was filled with emotions of love, gratitude and lots of tears and hugs!

The heartwarming story occurred when Coates was just 15 years old. She wanted to hide her pregnancy from her grandparents with whom she lived, and delivered the baby in her own bedroom. Being scared that she was going to break him, she and the baby’s father Coates boyfriend, decided to leave the baby at the hospital where the staff could tend him. So the parents tucked the baby into an old boot box and touching note written in the mother’s penmanship on a notebook paper was also included in the ‘baby box’.

“It said, We love you, we are just not able to raise you. We want his name to be Allen Corey and we will hope to be able to see you again. God will be watching over you”!

Next day when the baby was stable , the nurse saw the mother walking with her head down towards the nursery doors. The young mother wanted a glimpse of her sweet baby she was preparing to relinquish. That’s when the caring nurse comforted her by saying “ I’m taking care of this cute little guy” and she led the teen mom to the baby in his incubator. And Joseph continue to comfort her by saying “ You know that you saved his life, right” I don’t’t want  you to hang you head. You gave him the best chance you could” .

Those words soothes the heaviness of her heart and all of a sudden, she went from looking down to up at me, and they just got connected! And that magic connection kept the mother coming back to visit the baby and drop off breast milk for him. With the support of this loving nurse , Coates ultimately tell her family about the baby and to keep him!

Even though they lost the connection in due time, Coates took initiative to reach out to Joseph on Facebook to tell her that she was her inspiration to become a nurse and eventually enter law school, with hopes of becoming a mental health attorney. Ever since she found her in Facebook the mother and son were regular in touch with her. However “The Doctors” made room for all three to meet first time since their bond began in April 2004.

After a long period of time her story is in highlights to inspire people and both of them are happy to be a cause for it !

True love endures forever and its results are always inspirational!