Shuttle Driver Finds Lost Purse With $8000, Saves Family’s Vacation With His Kindness

Mark Trocchio, a shuttle driver’s act of kindness and honesty is aptly praised when he was courteous to return a purse with $8000 to its owner. He found the lost wallet just outside a Dunkin’ Donuts in Cambridge, which belongs to a tourist named Cindy Frene from Georgia. While searching for the owner, he found the lady in panic and crying inside the shop and asking her name he could identify her as the right owner. He then returned the purse with all its belongings and never even took a reward from her before driving away!

However noticing the name of his van, the lady then contacted him later and thanked him for saving her family’s vacation and his story is out with many appreciations on his name! Watching such heartwarming story will brighten up our day and encourage our soul!