Singer Turned School Custodian Brings Joy To Kids With Music

Alo Key, the head custodian at Three Trails Elementary School in Independence, Mo is a singing sensation for the students and the staffs at the school! 36-year-old Key is a passionate singer and often sings to kids in the cafeteria during their lunch hours. The happy Janitor wipes down the tables and pulls out his guitar to entertain the kids and they all enjoy and participate in his joyful music concert!

He took the job as a substitute custodian in the independence school just a year ago, as an opportunity to spend more time with his wife and five children. Because he always regards relationship as an integral part in his life, and the school has aptly identified the same.Within a year time at Three Trials, he was awarded as the “Employee of the year” and its good enough to speak about his wonderful personality and positive attitude!

He’s just not like a janitor or someone who cleans up your stuff, He’s also a friend to all of us” ..the students proudly speak about Alo Key!

Key used to sing from childhood and growing up, his father groomed him and his siblings into being a part of his band. They used to have band practice from childhood and later on they started to go for outside trip with their music skills. Key is a well known singer at Kansas City’s Blue Room and also sung with Spawnbreezie in the music industry as part of his career.

Key is all set to release his new single. And this school custodian is using his talent to bring joy to others.

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