Big Sister Teaches Little Brother How To Pray In Adorable Video

Young siblings are the best gifts from God and especially the little brother for a big sister. We know in time’s the big sisters can be a good friend and a mentor to her younger siblings. She will take charge to teach them and train them with lots of love and passion.

In this adorable video an older sister is teaching her brother the most important thing in the life. She is training her younger brother, the Godly way of growing up. She shows her brother how to pray before bed and the child is diligently following her. Sitting on their bed, the siblings grasp hands together and close their eyes for prayer. She then leads him in the sweet prayer and the younger brother repeats every word after her. And when the little one had little struggle to catch up the word “tomorrow” she was patient enough to take it syllable by syllable for her brother to learn..

“Lord, Thank you for this day. Help us have sweet dreams and have a great day tomorrow. In your name, we pray. Amen.”

Seeing them praying together in such unity will make us feel proud about them. Their parents have the Godly wisdom to raise up their children in an excellent life style…As the prayer goes , God will give them sweet dreams and great tomorrows throughout their life !!