One Kid’s Heartbreaking Reason To Become A ‘Smartphone’ Is Truly An Eye-Opener

A child is writing a heartbreaking assignment about Smartphone was too much for his parents to break down in tears of embarrassment!Revolutionary electronic gadget, Smartphone’s are packed with its own pros and cons. Here a child is expressing about the ‘communication barrier’ it creates in human life, will make you think about it to change your habits in indulging much on it!

The child’s mother, who is a teacher by profession, had given her students an assignment for them to write a paper on what they would like to be in this modern world. The teacher was grading in the assignments in the kitchen while her husband was just nearby her. When she was flipping from one paper to the next and jotting down their grades, she was stunned to read one particular note from a child. That child wrote that they would like to be a Smartphone and the reason he wrote was heartbreaking.

He wrote that his parents love their Smartphone’s so much so that they pay more attention to their Smartphone’s than they do him. He further explains that, as soon as his dad comes to home from work, he goes straight to his phone instead of paying attention to him!

Of course the mother was struggling to control her tears, but her husband was shocked when she told him that it was their own son who wrote this!

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