This Little Girl Lost Her Dad, But One Soldier Didn’t Want Her To Be Alone At Daddy-Daughter Dance

She always wished to have her first “daddy-daughter” dance with her loving father, however what the destiny has kept for this little girl was something different. 5 year old , Cayleigh Hinton , who lost her military dad to an accident was escorted  by an Army National Guard Soldier for her first daddy daughter dance is an uncommon way of honoring a great man!

Touching video shows that the girl dressed in blue fluffy frock is getting escorted from her house to her school with a great battalion of high ranks officials and the National Guard Soldier to have her dream fulfilled! Beirbrodt in full dress uniform let the kindergartner to stand on his polished shoes as the two slow danced together at Our Lady of Humility School in Beach Park.

This special event was orchestrated to honor her father Sgt. Terrence Hinton who died in a training accident on May 2017 in Hawaii. A military truck he was driving spun out of control , hit guardrail and overturned into a culvert.Hilton was a member of the Active Duty Army’s 3rd Brigade Combat team, 25th Infantry Division in Oahu, He was also enlisted in 2009 and served at Fort Campbell,Kentucky and he was even deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and Kuwait in 2014 to serve the country!

Rightly deserved honor for “Daddy’s little girl” was escorted by first Sgt Joseph Bierbrodt, of Sheridan Hills, with the 933rd Military Police company to her preschool where the invitation was to bring dad or “special man in their life!She was also escorted by the Patriot Guard, Beach park Fire Protection District, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Winthrop Harbor Police and Fire Departments, and Zion Police and Fire Departments to the dance!

Such courteous events are truly heartwarming to witness!