Girl Breaks Down In Tears When Military Brother Surprises Her At Supermarket After A Year Away

A soldier brother, Brian Rodriguez gives his big sister Valerie Burns a heartwarming surprise, in a supermarket. A year after serving in the national guard he made a surprise visit to his sister who was in her weekly shopping, and their reunion will touch your heart!

30-year-old Valerie Burns insists she’s always been very close to her younger brother, who used to be with her in most of her life. From skipping out on school, to assisting with the birth of her first child, her brother was an integral part in her life. Now after 12 months of serving away in the National Guard, the siblings are meeting again with overflowing emotions!

The heartwarming video shows the mother of three is stunned to see her younger brother. She can’t contain her joy after seeing her loving brother and embraces him with much love!