Iraq War Veteran Fulfills His Promise To God

Iraq war veteran Yauo Yang  knew what it’s like to make a passionate plea to God. In the middle of the war zone this solider made a plea to God to get him home to his wife and baby. And the God was faithful to answer his prayer and he is now thanking God in the most beautiful way!

War has always defined the trajectory of Yang’s life. In 2006, He was deployed in Samarra, Iraq, when his best friend Olson was killed in a bomb blast just in front of his eyes.

“I was no more than 10 yards away,” Yang said. “The shock wave was so powerful I felt it in my abdomen. It burst my eardrum. But I didn’t get hit with any shrapnel or debris.”

The incident left the soldier in knees to make a deal with God.”God’ I don’t want to die in Iraq, if you can get me out of Iraq alive, when I come back to central Wisconsin, whatever you want me to do, I will do it for you” .Yang made an earnest plea with God

When Yang returned from deployment, he fulled his promise to God by forming a church named ‘The Cross’. Watch the inspiring story below.