God Saved His Life. Now He Is Giving Back, One Pot Of Soup At A Time

“God told him in a dream “to feed the people” and he started a ministry in feeding the poor and homeless with a pot of soup. Walter Clemons, nick named “The Soup Guy” goes out twice a week near to his home with delicious soups for the hungry, and spared the love of God. He does it with lots of love and gratitude towards God who helped him to survive the heart attack!

In 2016, Walter had a heart attack and he believes that God saved his life for a great purpose. And it was true to believe, because short after that he received this dream from God, “to feed his people”. In the dream he saw himself feeding people out of a window, like a food truck or trailer.

“I know that this vision that he’s given me is going to come to pass, because he (God) doesn’t do anything halfway,” Clemons said.

At first he didn’t know if God meant preaching or literal feeding, but eventually the “soup ministry” became clear. And the former Spirit worker and car mechanic becomes a blessing to many by giving free soup and food to the helpless and homeless.

On Tuesday and Thursdays he spends the mornings cooking up multiple pots of soups. He then serves it in three stops along South Broadway, at Broadway and Mt Vernon, Broadway and Kellogg, and Broadway and Harry. He’s been giving out cups of soup for past 14 months. Anyone can stop for a free cup of soup and hotdog near his truck. People who stops by his truck and homemade signs call him “The Soup Guy” . Many of the people fed by him are homeless and he feeds all of them saying..

“God sent me to feed you, He knew you were going to be hungry this day at this particular time. That’s why I’m here.”!

Now he has a shed outside his house stocked with food accessories. Sam’s club and Dillons donate food and he also buys in bulk using donated money. He prepares variety of soups- chicken, rice, veggie etc.

He expects nothing in return but keeping his heart safe in the calling of God and his own explanation suffice it..

“It’s a blessing to be able to help them, It just does something for your heart.”