Young Man With Special Needs Wows The Congregation By Singing A Song To The Lord!

This young man required special needs but that didn’t stop him from giving praises to the Lord Jesus! So confidently he sung the traditional church hymn “Right On Time” for everyone in the congregation!

During one church service , this young man stand up and started singing along the music as soon as the organist begins to play.Everyone in the congregation was astonished to watch him hear him sing! They never thought they will get such a great retreat!

Since he has limited mobility, a lady is there to help him to stand because sometime he loses his balance when he stands his own for long time! Watching him singing we all will agree that every word of that song is a true testimony to who the Lord is and how he always come to us in Right Time!

Right on time…..what a blessing

Posted by Brenda Holbrook on Tuesday, 31 October 2017