Stepdad Follows Hidden Notes And Gets Emotional Surprise At Courthouse

A heartwarming footstep of a stepdad following hidden notes to courthouse was only to realize how much he wanted for someone special. And his curious walk ended with a sweet embrace with a loving request “Daddy, will you adopt me”?

9 year old girl ,Aeralyn form Sullivan, Illinois was just 2 year old when her mother Jerica met Jacob Thrasher. From then on Jacob was her dad and he loved Aeralyn as his own daughter. Now that Aeralyn is wise enough to understand what it means for Jacob to become her “Daddy”. She along with her mother wanted to take that extra steps to make their family is complete in the most solid way. So soon after the legal formalities were put in order for her adoption formalities, they just wanted to have that priceless “yes” from Jacob in the most memorable way!

That is when the mom decided to make this curious style for Jacob to follow the hidden note guiding his way to courthouse. All the clues were hidden in the notes and he just had to follow the same! However the written clues that would lead him on the scavenger hunt of a life time, was chased with a camera eye all the way to the “center town”!

One of the clues began “Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone” followed with another clue which reads “You didn’t give me life, life gave me you”..And the final clue was with a sweet cry from his daughter “Daddy, will you adopt me?”.Ofcourse, she received that sweet acceptance in his loving arms embraced with lots of happiness and joy!

I am sure this touching acceptance from her dad will be the best and the precious moments she will cherish throughout her life!And this video will serve its purpose in the most heartwarming way!