11-Year-Old Girl Burst Into Tears Of Joy Receiving A Surprise Adoption Note From Stepfather

11 year old  girl was happily opening her gifts and the last one was the best Christmas gift she ever received in her life which makes her to bursts into tears!  Cami Lassiter was surprised to realize her stepdad has adopted her making her wish comes true with this Christmas gift!

Mr Powell, 30 has been a father figure to Cami ever since she was four years old. Mr Powel, a maintenance technician from Georgia US said he loved her from the moment he met Cami and wanted to be her Dad at the first meeting itself.Soon after his wedding with Cami’s mother Tori Powell , they were together to save money for the necessary legal documentation and now at the right time on December 25 this long awaited gift is presented to Cami . This priceless gift was a full stop to her questions asking “why she had a different surname”!

The touching video shows that the girl is reading a card written by her stepfather Bobby Powell, as he explains that she will have his last name and the girl break down in tears of joy knowing her father figure is now officially her Dad. Her mother filmed her daughters reactions and shares it with all around! It brought smiles and excitement for the girl and moreover its going to be real big year for Powells as a baby sister is also on the way for Cami. The girl was speechless with the overflowing goodness from God!

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