Stepmom Drops To One Knee And Asks To Be Her Real Mom

Jonathan and Kacie have been married for four years and Kacie always shared a special bond with Jonathan’s daughter Brilee. But she was unable to adopt her because of her biological mother and the legal formalities.

Today, the stepmother,Kacie called her stepdaughter sternly into her room and briefed a bit about the court status and soon kneeled down in front of Brilee. Taking her hands on her hands she said “Brilee Davis, you have been like a daughter to me, from the day that I met you. Now I want you to be not like a daughter. Will you be my real daughter?”. 

Kacie then gives Brilee a breast milk ring as a symbol of her love and the touching request made all of them in tears of joy. What a great way to express pure love and this heartwarming event will be so memorable for the family!


A stepmom sternly calls her stepdaughter into the room – then suddenly something unexpected happens…

I burst into tears when I saw this 😢❤️

Posted by We Love USA on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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