Girl Leaves Giant Sign For Thief Who Stole Her Bike And What Happened Next Is Truly Incredible

A thief has stolen her bike which she relied on to get to work each day , and she wasn’t interested to go after the courts of justice to plead for the restoration. Instead she decided to write a note to the universe about what happened in the form of a gigantic sign. What she received in response to her “special way of addressing the loss” resembled like a hallmark movie!

Amanda Needham’s bike, costing $200 was stolen in Brooklyn earlier this month. So she decided to describe a note on a 8 by 3 foot cardboard sign and hung it across the entire front of her landlord’s house gate! She wrote in the notice these unique message..

“To the person who stole my bicycle – I hope you need it more than I do. It was $ 200 used, and I need it to go to work. I can’t afford another one. Next time, steal a hipster’s Peugeot. Or not steal! PS! Bring it back”!

Just after 7 days of leaving the sign, two man appeared at her door, one was holding a mountain bike designed for the teen. The man was happy to give his spare bike to her, since he too had a similar incident once upon a time. This kind gesture of love from a stranger was too much for Amanda , but unfortunately his bike wasn’t a right size for her need.

Another neighbor named Steven S Powers saw the sign and posted it to his Instagram. And the sign generated a ton of comments and got the attention of a British antique leader named Robert Young .Fortunately for Robert Young, the sign was more than some simple letters, but it looks like some “arts” in the crafts in his eyes!

“I love the sign”, there was something raw about it so much passion. I loved the graphics, the way the “you” is all squashed up. No one writes by hand anymore. The sign was wonderful document” He wrote!

Robert has offered a $ 200 for this “unique antique sign” and with that money Needham could buy another bicycle. To end up the episode, the mountain bike she received as a donation she paid it forward calling it as the “Karmacycle”!

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