Kind Stranger Gives Single Mom And Her Special Needs Child A New Van For Free After Theirs Was Totaled

Caring hearts are always there to bring difference in peoples lives. A mother and daughter receiving a special need van in act of generosity  from a caring stranger is the best story to witness the ever enduring nature of love!A single mom and her special need child is greatly supported a group of people in their trail time and their story is really inspiring!

Kathleen Eastland, whose specially equipped van for her daughter April was totaled by an uninsured driver earlier this year. Her 12 year daughter , April has cerebral palsy and requires a special van that can fit her  electric wheelchair weighs 350 pound. For the past seven months Kathleen was borrowing vehicles for the necessary commutation for her 6th grade daughter,and moving around with the special child  in a normal vehicle was really a struggle for them.

But on last week on 9th Feb, the mother and daughter was surprised to receive the answer for their struggle when a stranger has donated them a new van with all the required facilty to carry her daughter and her wheel chair. A kind hearted stranger named Lou Hanhan ,saw their story on KTUV and was moved in compassion to help support Kathleen and April with his generous gift!Lou Hanhan , co owner of Precision Body Shop in Colma was happy to give his 2006 Toyota van to this family. His van is fully equipped to ramp her big electric wheelchair and he even demonstrated , how the new used van will accommodate everything!

This amazing surprise didn’t end there, another loving person named, Vlad Mikshansky , an owner of Auto Sound Performance in Daly City gifted them a DVD player for their new van, and the caring community come foreword with a  GoFundMe page for Kathleen, to pay off what she owed on her totaled van!

Overwhelmed in great gratitude, this single mom was thrilled to express her emotions in tears of joy saying…

” I just want to say thank yo for everyone’s help. Its really touched my heart!