Stranger Helps A Mom Shopping Alone With Her Crying Baby And Toddler

“A little kindness and understanding goes a long way”!A happy mom has a lot to say about her shopping experience! Rebecca Peterson, a local mom says she was sleep deprived and running on empty when a stranger stopped to help her with a “little kindness and understanding” when she needed it most!

Rebecca was taking her first trip for shopping at Target with her sons, 2 month old Aiden and 2 year old Jacob. Unfortunately both the kids started crying at the same time and the mom had to put off her groceries back on the shelf to leave with the babies! But God sent a stranger on her way at the right time with a right experience!

Another mother of two from the same town of Pearland, TX, came to rescue Rebecca at Target. Tiffany Jones –Guillory offered to walk with Rebecca and carried her son so that she could finish shopping!

For Tiffany, it was like God’s guidance to help Rebecca in her time of need and she walked with her for 45 minutes.

“It really touched me because I know how is it, I have been there. I have two kids and it’s frustrating. I just wanted to help. God sent me there to help her”! Tiffany explains…

Both of them are happy to meet each other, and to know how their sweet story is unfolded  watch the video!

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