Stranger Snapped A Photo Of The Teen Rushing To Catch Bus To Graduation And What Happened Next Is Truly Inspiring

An Alabama student was fortunate enough to receive an unmerited favor from a kind stranger who took notice of his hardship and gifted him a car. Photo of Corey Patrick surfaced online last week when a passerby snapped the picture of him making his way to a bus stop in Birmingham. He was heading to his school graduation in full cap and gown.

19-year-old Corey’s family relocated just before his senior year to the WEST End neighborhood. which is about 10 miles from his school. He used to wake up every morning at 4.30 am to make the trek from home to school. He spent the past one year waking up at 4.30 am and was sincere to study and attend the school every day.He travels roughly 90 minutes to reach his school on public transport!

His family doesn’t own a car and Corey was determined not to miss the chance to accept his diploma from Tarrent High School. It was on the day of his graduation; Corey Patrick went early morning to participate in the graduation ceremony. The resulting photos of Patrick running to catch the bus on the day of his graduation day was caught up on camera by a passerby and the photo went viral in the internet.

Thankfully the same scene drew the attention from a local radio personality named Rickey Smiley! When Rickey saw his photo, he managed to contact Patrick and brought him on his radio show! When he got there Smiley recognized and appreciated him for all the hard work he’d put into his education and he also wanted to help him with a better way out to pursue his career. Smiley gifted the young man with a car which was a real surprise and a blessing for the teen to pursue his career dreams!

With the promise of help to study for and take the license test, Patrick was handed over the keys of his gift! Thank God, now no more insanely early mornings for this young student!

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