Teen Who Overcame Abuse Is Gifted A New Car From Stranger Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

A 19-year-old girl, who had faced many abuses in life, is getting a surprise gift from a kind-hearted stranger. Sionna Brenn was doing her normal shift on last week when a stranger jumped out of a dumpster and surprised her with a new car!

Brenn who is basically from Ethiopia, came to US a decade ago and was living in an abusive foster home with various struggles! She was finally removed from there and was taking shelter with a distant cousin who was living in Houston. Despite being homeless and with lots of challenges in life, she manages to get graduated from a school and earned a scholarship to University of Texas in San Antonio. Now she works part time in Starbucks to support herself and the “fortune stranger” came seeking her at this coffee shop!

The kind stranger, Jabaley was a Grammy award winner and he is a manager to the rap artist 2 Chainz. He was diagnosed with brain tumor on last year and since then, he decided to ‘Change” the world around him. The prognosis spurred the man to travel all over the nation to perform good deeds for people along the way. As part of his mission, he helped cancer patients and disadvantaged people. Last week, he and his team stopped to help Brenn in Houston!

While she was talking the trash at the shop, Jabaley waited near the dumpster and when he knew she was close by, he jumped out of the bin with handful of balloons and said that he is gifting her a car.The heartwarming video shows the teen is amazed and excited to see a brand new Toyota Corolla! And when Jabaley welcomed her into its driver seat, she was really trying to distinguish the reality from a DREAM!

“I think I’m in a dream right now,” Brenn told  “It’s more than a dream, it’s crazy.”