Stranger’s Kidney Donation Sets Off Chain Of Kindness And Saves Six Lives

One stranger’s extraordinary act of loving-kindness resulted in a sets of good deeds! Six people are saved, just because one stranger chose to be selfless for a day by donating her kidney!

It all started when Brendan Flaherty was in a need of a kidney and he thought he’d get his friend Phillip Cameli’s kidney! But that didn’t match and he ended up receiving kidney from a complete stranger named Kimberly Cooper! So that Philips’ kidney was spared for someone else to make use of it. Even though Phillip couldn’t support his friend Brendon, he was kind enough to go ahead and donate his kidney anyway and thus started this “life saving chain reaction”.

Luckily Philip’s kidney was a match for Clotilde Ruiz, whose daughter Daisy was rejected as her donor. But Daisy’s kidney worked for Scott Rial, and so it went until a dozen donors and recipients were matched.  All of them met for the first time in Wednesday at the hospital!

Thanks to Kimberly for reaching at the right time with her kind support! It all started when Kimberly become generous to donate her kidney to Brendon. Initiating this chain reaction of good deeds she says, “I am going to have lineage to someone who’s going to live on. That’s more than money and that’s more than words”!

The newly transplanted “unbreakable bonds” will carry forward her words and will transform many more lives!