Stranger’s Kind Gesture Helps Mom Travelling Alone With Screaming Kids

A mother of two has a touching reason to share the wonderful experience of “A friend in need is a friend indeed”!  That’s what Jessica Rudeen experienced from a stranger co passenger who becomes her friend now! Her seatmate Todd Walker from Lenexa was the great man who was there in the need of her trouble time to support like a friend in her plane journey!!

She was travelling with her two kids, 3 year old Caroline and 4 months old Alexander. Her infant and toddler were equally in panic when they boarded the plane. And she had a tough time to manage both of them all alone. Caroline was screaming and kicking her saying “ I want get off the plane, I don’t want to go”. And the little one was crying because she couldn’t feed him before boarding the plane!

When she was desperately trying to manage the situation, her seatmate , a man named Todd Walker came foreword extending his helping hand. Instead of getting a seat changed to avoid the havoc, the kind man stayed back at her side and looked after her kids until the plane landed in the destination. During the flight , he colored and watched a movie with Caroline, he engaged in conversation with Caroline and by the end of the flight , Caroline was on his shoulder! And the little one was happily settled in mom’s feeding!

Since they both had the same connection in Charlotte to Wilmington, this friend helped them to get off the plane and led them to the gate with Caroline in his hand. Not only that but he also has changed his seat on the next flight to sit in their row to help them further!

Experiencing a series of support from an entirely stranger made her to say that  ” I am blown away by God’d hand in this because we could have been placed next to anyone, but we were seated next to one of the nicest man I have even met in my life”!

Jessica wrote about the entire episode of her journey and wanted to continue her friendship with this great man! We are blessed to have such nice people around us! Hearing such great story will surely make you to agree that “A friend in need is a friend indeed”!

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