Hero Student Drives School Bus To Safety After Finding The Driver Has Medical Emergency

A Texas middle school student was there in that bus for reason and it was to save the life of 6 students from dying !Noticing the driver was suffering from a medical emergency this 13 year old boy was quick and calm enough to drive away that critical situation!

Six students from La Grange Middle School were on the yellow bus on Thursday when the driver began driving erratically. The driver was making circles and going off into the ditch on almost every turn! This made Karson to smell the danger and was quick to call 911 and took the steering under his control. He turned on the bus flashers and jumped into the drivers lap and drove the bus two miles on Highway 71 to a stop near bridge above a Colorado River! Another student, Kyler Buzcek was helping him to calm the students on the bus and stayed on the phone with police through the ordeal!

Usually Karson doesn’t ride the bus home as his mother used to pick him up. But Thursday his mother, Amber Vega couldn’t make it up and he ended up taking the school bus to reach home! Even though the mother is happy and proud about her son for remaining calm throughout the incident, she still feels that “Goosebumps” to think about the dangerous situations faced by these students! The driver is hospitalized and expected to be OK and the reason for his illness is yet to be diagnosed!

Hearing such remarkable story will inspire the young and will give Goosebumps to parents!