High School Student Graduates Early To Grant His Father’s Last Wish

One of the most important thing this loving father wanted to see while he is still alive was his son’s graduation.Terry Borowski was down with terminal illness and his health condition may not allow to make it up to May, when his son, a senior student at Oak Harbor High School was set to graduate.However knowing his last wish they all have teamed up to fulfill his last ambition by giving his son an early graduation cap!

Borowski and his family is from Oak Harbor and for the past two weeks , Terry has been staying at Stein Hospice in Sandusky. Realizing his health is getting weaker and weaker , Terry told one of his social worker at Stain Hospice that seeing his son’s graduation was his last wish.So, earlier on this week , this kind social worker named DeWitt reached out to the officials at Oak Harbor school to arrange a “mock” graduation for Darien to fulfill this last wish from a dying patient! The school authorities were always ready to do anything for their students and their family welfare,and they went ahead preparing an early Commencement for Darien’s family!

Cheryl Schell, Principal of Oak Harbor High School, along with Jeff Dombusch, president of the Benton-Carroll-Salem School Board and Guy Parmigian, district superintend etc were there to come foreword and make the graduation ceremony for Darien as authentic as possible.

Seeing his son in green cap and gown was a joyous surprise to this loving father and he encouraged his son to toss his cap in the air.It “meant the world “ to Terry  saying “I am proud of you” and both went on embracing each other in tears of joy!

Contributing to this emotional achievement , the school principle was too happy in saying that “ As parents , we just want to know our kids are going to be ok , that they have a future and can take care of themselves. We have no doubt about that with Darien”!

Congratulations Darien for your determination in making your dad feel proud and we wish you all the very best for your further studies!