Graduate With Down Syndrome Dances Across Stage In Excitement

The heartwarming video shows a graduate with Down syndrome shows his excitement by jumping and dancing across the stage.

Carlos Neria, also known as “Mr Joyous” jumped and danced his way over to collect his diploma during the Lee High School Graduation Ceremony in Midland Texas.

19-year-old Neria was seen so excited to have his great achievement and he greeted each of his teachers with a friendly handshake and hugs before he was presented with the diploma. His priceless reaction has been touching the hearts of many since the video was posted on social medias.

Neria is one of eight children for his mom and she calls him a ‘ blessing in their lives’. Watching his joyful way of winning hearts of multitudes will make us agree with His mother’s findings. His mother Teresa Neira says about his special child that …

‘He’s given us an example of sharing, of love, of happiness, ‘Nothing gets him down. He looks up and points to God. God. He’s full of faith. Lots of faith.”!!

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