8th Grade Students Makes Special Leg For A Duck Without a Foot

She is so happy to see that Peg is now walking and running normally with the new prosthetic leg which was created through 3D printer. Peg’s owner Patsy Smith says that she found this duck without foot, because shortly after it hatched a turtle had chewed off its little leg and she was kind enough to look out for a solution for this growing duck.

High school students in northeastern Arkansas heard about Smith that she is seeking a way , and this 8th grade students have used the latest 3D printer technology to create an appropriate prosthetic leg for this 8 months old Indian runner duck named Peg!

Lab director Alicia Bell said that it took about 30 tries for these brilliant students named Matthew Cook, Darshan Patel and Abby Simmons at Armorel High School’s spatial technology lab to help walk this duck in a normal way! Congratulations boys!