Bus Driver Has Ecstatic Reaction When Students Surprise Him With Super Bowl Tickets

While  gifting that special tickets for Super Bowl, they just wanted to let him know that how much they regard and honor him for the kindness he has extended to them!The elderly man was speechless in tears to accept that gesture of love making his dream fulfilled!

66 year old Gary Kelmer has spent decades working as a bus driver for the Mount Laurel school district in New Jersey! For all of these years he was really faithful and loving towards his young passengers. The parents and the kids are all in love with their driver, and are well aware about his deep passion for Philadelphia Eagles football team.

So when the right time comes ,as a means of repaying him for all the kind service he shown them over the years, the parents and the students alike came pitched into buy Super Bowl tickets for Kelmer and his wife.  Along with the personalized jersey and airfare, the whole package cost about $5,000 and they were so happy to see the priceless love in their bus driver. Finally, the Eagle fan will get to see his favorite team play at the Super bowl in Minneapolis for the first time!

The heartwarming video shows the man is astonished to witness that unexpected crowd at the last stop of his bus route on Monday and receiving this special gesture of love made him into tears saying, I’m ecstatic, I am ecstatic”!

A great paragon of brotherly love! You too will love it!

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