300 Former Students Surprises Retired Music Teacher Who Changed Their Lives

A great music teacher, Robert Moore got a surprise gesture of gratitude from his former students. Nearly 300 of his former students from across America and other countries returned to tell him the huge difference he made in their lives. They rented out the old Poncan Theater and presented a beautiful music show for their great mentor!

Robert Moore spent 30 years directing music at Ponca City Chorale of Ponca City, Oklahoma. He taught music to almost 900 students in one of the greatest high school choral groups in the country. The heartwarming event happened when this retired high school music teacher got a desire to see his students back together.

“Wouldn’t it be great to get those kids back together,” he said.

While he was planning the same, a small group of students, including John Atkins, who graduated in 1976, plotted a sweet surprise for their teacher. They lured him out to the country and hit him with the surprise of a lifetime.

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