Students Surprises Teacher With His Dream Pair Of Shoes And You’ll Love It

Owning a pair of ‘French Blue Jordan” shoes was the simple dream of a teacher from Valley Christian High School in Chandler! Although  it may look so weird for others, but for his students it was a great means to honor their teacher. And they did surprise their teacher on his birthday by gifting his dream shoes and their way of treating him is simply the best!

The students from Valley Christian High School was very happy with their teacher , Mr Lara. Since the teacher was leaving the school, they wanted to give back to him for all of his hard work in a special way.They have decided to buy the best gift and made the arrangements to collect the money and together they bought a pair of shoes to gift him. And on April 25th , the day before their Arizona teacher walkout officially, which was the same date of his birthday , they gave him his dream shoes he talks about everyday!

The beautiful video shows the teacher is opening his birthday gift and was stunned to see his ‘beautiful dream’ inside the box! He was  seen excited to express his surprise and joy yelling “My dream shoes”!!

This was the best evidence for the students ,that their teacher was so happy and all their planning worked out well!Before even this video  got flashed on internet, the sweet planning of the students were hit in the internet with many likes and shares. Finally it all ended up with happy smiles and cheering moments !